Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Engagement Ring Drawing

Recently I've been getting back into working in black and white (since for a lot of projects I've been working in watercolour/acrylic/gouache and just needed a break from colour).

I bought a dip pen a while back which I used for my bird drawings (see previous post) and I love it, so I try and use it as much as I possibly can. I also used to draw mostly in fine liner and biro, especially if I was out and about and they're just easy to use.

So this is a fine liner drawing of a ring as I've been thinking about submitting some work to some companies and just improving my work in general. I've also been experimenting with Photoshop and using it to alter my work instead of just using it for tweaking and tidying up.

This was the original scan

And this was once I'd played around with it in Photoshop

I welcome feedback/comments/suggestions/whatever, thanks!

Also I'm going to London at the end of this week with Josie Maskell to go to a seminar at the V&A,
plus some general museum drawings and shenanigans. So some sketchbook drawings and doodles can be expected next week. :)


  1. this is super beautiful jessica! yey we are going to the optometry place on thursdaaay! woop woop xxx

  2. thanks Josie :) awesome, thanks for booking that xx

  3. omg theres so much detail must have taken you ages!

    1. cheers Abby, yeah it certainly kept me busy! :)

  4. Amazing line drawing of the ring, designer engagement rings for the masses is the way to go now. All the best for your trip, hope you get lots of ideas for more jewelry designs like your ring

  5. thanks Allen -- the jewellery exhibition at the V&A is always good for a bit of inspiration

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