Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Travel Illustration: The Treasury, Petra

This is my second travel illustration for the project I'm currently working on, which is all about promoting beautiful, historical buildings and monuments. I wanted to focus on the Treasury (al Khazneh in Arabic) of Petra in Jordan, because I loved the history behind it. 

My Dad went there a while ago and he lent me some photos for reference. He was also the one who told me all about it, the name for example, "the Treasury" is believed to be from the legend that pirates and bandits hid their loot in the dome at the top of the monument. There are even bullet holes on it from where many pioneers have tried to shoot it down to obtain the "gold."

So this is the final painting which took me about three days to complete. I used gouache, brown indian ink with dip pen and white acrylic for finishing touches. Please let me know what you think -- this is also available to buy on Society 6 (as well as the painting of St. Basil's Cathedral - see last post).

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